Travertine Floor Tiles Pros And Cons

If you are trying to decide whether you want to install travertine floor tiles or not then it is great to know what some of the pros and cons are to them. There are some good things that people will tell you when they are trying to sell these tiles, but there are also some bad things that they try to hide from you. Some people only base their decision to use a certain product based on the good things they hear about it and fail to think about the bad things that could possibly go wrong. Here is an unbiased review of the pros and cons that you will find with this type of travertine tile.

Since everybody usually likes to hear the good news first I will start with the pros of using travertine for the floor tiles in your home. The one thing that is great about this type of flooring is its beauty. These tiles are beautiful to look at and will provide an amazing look for any home they are installed in. They are also made of all natural stone which makes them environmentally friendly. Also, this type of tile is very durable and will last for a long time if you take care of it properly. Should you have to replace one or two of them you will find it easy to match up with replacement pieces. Another great thing about travertine floor tiles is they are easy to cut when you are installing them, so it will be no problem to cut an odd size or shape to make it fit into a space where it is needed.

Here is the bad news. This type of tile has to be sealed at least once every two years in order for it to stay looking good. Sealing this type of tile can be time consuming, but is necessary if you do not want to get dirt and other stains ground into the tile. Of course, the beauty of these tiles allows you to put up with spending a few hours every two years to keep them looking good. This tile is very porous and will absorb many different things if it is not sealed properly. Also when this tile is sealed it can be very slippery when it gets wet, so it is not advised to use in a restaurant where spills could happen.

So there it is all laid out for you, the pros and cons of using travertine floor tiles in your home. As you can see the cons are really not that bad, and are by far outweighed by all of the pros. If you want to have some of the most beautiful looking tiles in your home then travertine tiles are the ones you want to install.

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